Increasing threat to life, property, resources

  • Fire severity due to climate change
  • Catastrophic fires in urban interface

Increase aircraft effectiveness

  • Use of on-board injection/blending systems
  • Drop characteristics – less evaporative loss

Reduce number of extended attack fires

  • Increased capabilities for initial attack

Reduce suppression costs

  • Flight time reduced through efficiency

Environmental concerns

  • Carbon emissions, toxicity concerns of fire chemicals

Risk management – reduce exposure

  • Reduced fire size – fewer hazards
  • Reduced flight time in low-level, smoky conditions in congested airspacea




Water enhancers like the polymeric elastomer BLAZETAMER380™ represent the future for firefighting.

BLAZETAMER380™ is an effective and valuable fire suppressant for direct attack of fires during initial or extended attack operations. It can be used in engines, slingable bags, drop tanks, and can be ground-loaded, mixed in dip tanks for helicopters with buckets or used with on-board injection systems in helicopters, SEATs, water-scooping and land-based, multi-engine airtankers.

BLAZETAMER380™ is a non-coloured liquid concentrate water enhancer that is non-toxic, non-corrosive and environmentally safe.  It is proven harmless to humans, animals and vegetation, complies with Work Health Safety Regulations for firefighters, and is approved for use by state and federal agencies.  It is listed on the United States Forest Service Qualified Products List (QPL) and is environmentally safe enough to be aerially applied in Long Term Retardant Exclusion Zones if allowed by land management agency policy.

Blazetamer Users Guide

Blazetamer Users Guide

Safety Data Sheet

Safety Data Sheet

Fish Toxicity Report

Fish Toxicity Report

Water Enhancer USFS

Water Enhancer USFS

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