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Rancher Series

Rancher Series RANCHER 125 GALLON NPSH FOAM $5,895.00 Add to cart WATERAX RANCHER 65 NPSH FOAM $5,245.00 Add to cart

Flash Attack Skid Unit

Flash Fire & Safety is excited to announce the production of our FLASH ATTACK SKID UNITS.

The firefighting skid deck unit, also commonly referred to as a drop-in or slip-in unit is a portable
fire-fighting set-up designed to fit easily in the bed of a pickup truck.
This makes for fast deployment and easy portability.

Flash Attack Rapid Response Trailer Unit

Our Latest trailer unit, designed for On and Off-road use. This versatile rig comes with a Waterax pump, large tank and everything you need to respond to fires, all in a highly mobile trailer that weighs under 2500 lbs.

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