FIRETAK Manufacturing is a wholly owned Canadian company. Since 1990 FIRETAK Manufacturing has supplied collapsible liquid containers to emergency response teams, fire departments, forestry, industrial and military officials worldwide.

The use of specialized materials and unique designs in creating our quality products keeps us at the forefront of our industry.

One our key accomplishments has been our ability to manufacture lightweight yet durable liquid containers which require a minimum of space for transportation and storage.

The primary applications for our products include firefighting, temporary liquid storage, secondary containment, waste water isolation, spill control and transportation of liquids.

Our standard product line includes:

Open top relay tanks Backpacks
Totally enclosed tanks Potable water storage
Secondary containment berms Decontamination containers
Spill containers Flood control dams
Quick Erect shelters

FIRETAK also provides products to other manufacturers who recognize our capabilities for designing and building components that complement theirs.

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