Flash Attack Skid Unit

Flash Fire & Safety is excited to announce the production of our FLASH ATTACK SKID UNITS.

The firefighting skid deck unit, also commonly referred to as a drop-in or slip-in unit is a portable
fire-fighting set-up designed to fit easily in the bed of a pickup truck.
This makes for fast deployment and easy portability.

Flash Attack Skid Unit with 200 – 300 gallon water tank

We build our units using only top quality materials and components. Outfitted with WATERAX pumps and accessories, high quality welded polypropylene water tanks baffled to NFPA standards, and Hannay reels equipped with rollers and rewind capabilities if you need.

We can custom build units with a variety of water tank sizes to help fit your specific application, requirements, and budget. All the units are inspected and tested at our facility in Sherwood Park, Canada. If you are looking for a demonstration of one of these units please contact us today.

SCOTTY Foam Induction

These units can be equipped with the SCOTTY foam induction and integrated foam cells as well, making your water even more effective for your fire suppression efforts. Don’t forget the Flameout foam!

  • We build our units using only top quality materials and components
  • WATERAX pumps, and accessories
  • High quality welded polypropylene water tanks baffled to NFPA standards
  • Hannay reels, rollers and 12volt rewind
  • Integrated foam cells
  • SCOTTY foam induction
  • Customizable to suit the application needs/requirements/budget
  • All units are inspected and tested to ensure expectations are exceeded

Scotty Firefighter Around-the-Pump Foam Eductor

Built to last, our Flash Attack Skid Units
allow pickup trucks or side-by-side ATV/UTV utility vehicles to become mini fire apparatus. They allow for tight maneuvering in urban settings, with a rugged design capable of handling work in remote locations that require a quick response.
Flash Fire & Safety offers a number of build options to meet a wide array of fire suppression requirements and price levels.

Be aware that weight and height will vary according unit specifications. Please consider the weight carrying capacity
of your UTV model’s cargo bed to ensure it is sufficient.

Feel free to call us and discuss your specific needs ~ we’re here to help!

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