*Fully Equipped Model Shown*

Well equipped and highly versatile

Our Latest trailer unit, designed for on and off-road use. This versatile rig comes with a Waterax pump, large tank and everything you need to respond to fires all in a highly mobile trailer that weighs under 2000 lbs.

This unit is highly configurable to suit each individual’s needs; contact us for specific details.

  • Highway trailer designed for on/off-road use
  • 3500 lbs axel, rugged 15“ tires
  • 125 gallon poly water tank
  • Fully loaded weight under 2000 lbs
  • WATERAX pump, available in 6hp and 9hp VERSAX, draw from tank or alternate source
  • Hannay hose reel, ¾” 50 ft hose
  • Foam induction (through the pump) 1% to 6%
  • Modular/customizable in design


Respond rapidly, fight fires

This unit has many practical applications and can be used to transfer water to support tanks.

We’ve even included all the necessary hookups to support a four-person crew as well as all their tools.

  • Sprinkler trailer carries step spikes, sprinkler kits, hoses, water thieves
  • transport water to fill backpacks
  • Transfer water to support portable bladders/tanks
  • Pump box is modular in design, can be removed, and installed for other applications
  • Carry necessary hand tools and backpacks to support a four-person crew
  • First Aid station, First Aid kit, Eye wash, AED

Additional information

Weight 1186 lbs
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