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Firetak “F” Series open top water tanks are specially designed for the Forestry Service. These lightweight, yet durable tanks are useful as a fire site water reservoir and also a dip tank for helicopter bucketing operations. Our sectionalized foam collar design provides for compact storage and these units can be easily transported by ground or air.

Carry Case and Ground Sheet Included in Price


FIRETAK Forestry Portable Water Tank


  • Field Repairable – Designed to be able to patch/repair while full of water
  • Strong ties/straps – only requires that 2 of the straps be used for tying the unit down when full
  • Strap on the bottom so the unit can be hung up to dry out
  • Can be used on inclines up to 15% – Teardrop the tank with the point of the teardrop facing uphill – the larger the incline the more you will need to teardrop the tank.
  • Design ensures that it is self rising with or without the Air Collar inflated – will not roll
  • Air Collar only needs 15 PSI of air and does not need to be inflated tightly;
    Sidewall height at least 54”
  • Air collar and the Air Valve can be replaced if damaged – no need to replace the entire tank


    • Air Collar – 18oz Gauge Material
    • Sides – 22 oz Gauge Material
    • Base – 28oz Gauge Material
    • Anti-Rip Stop Material – designed so any puncture or tear will not increase in size
  • UV Protection is built into the fabric itself – not just a coating


  • Firetak will customize the color
  • Carrying cases can be customized to carry the tank and any other equipment that you may want to use it for

Firetak Forestry Model List

Forestry Foam Collar
MODEL US gal IMP gal Litres Weight Approximate collapsed size Diameter Height
  lbs feet inches
FF2300 600 500 2300 34 16″ x 16” x 26” 7.5 40
FF4500 1200 1000 4500 45 18″ x 18” x 28” 9.5 40
FF7700 2000 1700 7700 70 18″ x 18” x 30” 11 54
FF9500 2500 2100 9500 75 20″ x 20” x 30” 12 54
FF11300 3000 2500 11300 80 20″ x 20” x 32” 13 54
FF15000 4000 3300 15000 110 22″ x 22″ x 32″ 14.5 54



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Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 36 in
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