Flameout’S Patented Formula Works To Extinguish A Fire And Prevent Re-Ignition By Eliminating Each Of The Three Sides Of The Fire Triangle: Heat, Oxygen, And Fuel. First, The Wetting Power Of Flameout Rapidly Cools And Penetrates (Removing Heat). Second, Flameout Works To Encapsulate And Blanket The Oxygen At The Surface Of The Fire (Removing Oxygen). Last, Flameout Prevents Re-Ignition By Breaking The Hydrocarbon Strings And Suppressing Flammable Vapor Helping

  • Exceptional For Use On Class B Fires Involving Gasoline, Kerosene And Diesel
  • Fast Cooling Effect
  • Excellent Vapor Suppression Characteristics
  • Penetrating Capabilities Which Help The Product Act As A Retardant
  • Low Toxicity
  • Excellent Handling Characteristics
  • Ease Of Application With No Special Equipment Require
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