Butterfly Sprinkler Sled Base x4


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Sturdy Metal Sprinkler Sled Base
Steel surface sprinkler base.  Great for lawns
Sled action allows for sprinkler movement with a pull of the hose
Large, tip resistant 17” x 10” footprint.
Ready to accept a variety of sprinkler heads with ½” NPT connection
Customize to your needs with Butterfly Sprinkler Product stand pipes (2 or 3 ft)
Manufactured in British Columbia, Canada
Guaranteed for life


Surface sprinkler base, constructed of sturdy 3/8″
steel frame with iron and brass fittings. Swivel hose
inlet. ½” female NPT sprinkler head connection.
Protected with anti-rust paint. Tip resistant 16½” x
10½” base.

Manufactured from high quality 3/8” 1018 CF steel rod
Rugged, malleable iron body fitting
Solid brass garden hose swivel
½” female NPT connection
Protected with anti-rust paint
17” length x 10” width

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 4 × 12 in
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