The STRIKER-3, also known as ULTRASTRIKER® and ULTRASNOW, is a portable fire pump. The ULTRASNOW pump was designed in response for a need in the industry to incorporate a higher level of engineering and product knowledge into snowmaking pumping equipment. The oilfield and logging industries commonly use WATERAX pumps with their snowmaking equipment for river and stream crossings.

All pumps provide the pressure and volume required to run snowmaking guns with the ULTRASNOW being the most economical. Using a 13 HP Honda engine and the WATERAX 3-stage detachable high-pressure pump end, the ULTRASNOW delivers 58 US GAL at 220 PSI.


• Attack line firefighting
• Long hose lay for remote watering during firefighting
• High elevation firefighting in mountainous areas
• Accuracy in flow trajectory when structure fire fighting
• Tandem pumping over long distances
• Parallel pumping for higher volumes
• Slip-on units

Features and Benefits
• Quick release clamp and swappable pump ends for
minimal equipment downtime and inventory
• Sealed bearing to eliminate pump end greasing
in the field
• Belt drive system for reliable, low maintenance
• Aluminium alloy pump components and anodized parts
for lighter weight and greater resistance to corrosion
• Comprehensive user and service manuals

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