Roof Sprinkler Systems

Complete Roof Sprinkler Systems available

Living in forest and wildland areas can be amazing, as long as you know that your home is protected from potential wildand fire threats.

Many rural and wildland property-owners choose to deploy Roof Sprinkler Systems, which has proven to be effective for preventing structural fire loss from ember transplant & radiant heat.

Our Roof Sprinkler Systems have been designed specifically for structural & perimeter protection from urban interface wildland fires, features include:

  • 50-foot diameter spray per sprinkler providing over 1200 sq ft of coverage per set.
  • Deploy on the roof of a structure and around the perimeter of a structure for complete fire protection coverage.
  • Structural fire protection that is quick and easy to set up.
  • Excellent foam aspirating action
  • Flash Roof Sprinkler System supports up to 24 sprinkler heads.

This system Includes Enough To do One Standard Roof (50 Feet)

Each kit retails for $239.00 each and includes the following items:

  • 4x Butterfly sprinkler heads (0012) – *each one covers a radius of 25 ft
  • 4x Red painted bases
  • 4x Metal pipes
  • 2x Hose 5 Ft
  • 1x Machined Brass GHT Knurled Nut
  • 4x Brass Female NPT X Male GHT
  • 2x Brass 1/2″ Male NPT x Swivel F GHT
  • 2x Lay Flat Garden Hose 3/4″ X 25 ft
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