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We carry a huge inventory of WATERAX Hoses and other accessories.

WATERAX hoses are an industry leader in North America, known for outstanding performance and quality.

Our discharge hoses typically come with a foresty end, also commonly referred to as Foresty Quick Connect or simply a Quick Connect (QC). They can also be referred to as a 1/4 turn connections or Instantaneous fittings. This fitting is genderless so there is no worrying about male & female. The identical halves all have the same head size and make for easy and fast connecting. They are typically made of die-cast aluminum but can also be made of “hardcoat” aluminum or polypropylene (a hard plastic). The most common lengths that discharge hose will be found in is 50 feet or 100 foot lengths.

The other most common discharge hose end is a Garden Hose Thread (GHT).

Hose diameters range 3/4 inch and 5/8 inch. We typically carry the 3/4 inch diameter that is standard for most garden hoses. The most common lengths that garden hose thread hoses will be found in is: 50 feet and 25 feet, 15 foot lengths can be specially ordered in but typically do not come in lengths shorter than 15 feet.

Suction hose, hose that is used to supply water from your water source to the pump, will be found in shorter lengths (10 feet, 15 feet, and 20 feet) as a pump is much better at pushing water than pulling water.

Your application and set up will determine what material you will want to use for your suction hose. Some materials you can find suction hose made out of are PVC, DRAFTEX (R), or rubber.

If you are drawing from a pond, slough, or lake you should use a foot valve with a strainer to prevent debris from being pulled into your pump. Depending on the size of debris, water source, pump and suction hose will determine the size of the screen diameter you should be using. There are foot valves that have a spring-loaded check valve capable of acting as a primer for your pump as well.


Connecting your suction hose to your pump may require additional adapters or fittings. Be sure to check your pumps intake specifications. Some common intake sizes are:

1 1/2 Male NPSH – for example the MINI-STRIKER® MSTR-P PUMP 1-STG GXH50 PORTABLE

2″ Male NPSH – for example the MK3-QS MARK-3® Backpack Portable High-Pressure Pump 4-STG

2″ Male NPT – for example the VS2-9EW VERSAX® SELF-PRIMING PMP 2-STG HONDA GX270

3″ Female NPT/ 4″ Victaulic (VIC) combination – for example the B2X


Adapter Guide

NH- National Hose Thread. NH=NST (USA)

NST- National Standard Thread. Most commonly used by United States. (CANADA)

NPSH- National Pipe Straight Hose Thread. (CANADA FORESTRY)

Fire hoses and adapters with the NPSH thread have the same threads per inch as NPT but the threads do not taper, this allows a female coupling to thread onto a NPT fitting without being a permanent connection. BUT it will NOT allow a male coupling or adapter to thread into a female NPT. Fittings that are connected together by NPT by NPT require a sealing agent like teflon tape because the threads are making the seal and a permanent connection. When a Female NPSH is threaded onto a Male NPT fitting, it allows this connection to thread on and off frequently by using a gasket to seal. The male side of NPSH threads will ONLY connect to fittings, nozzles or hoses with NPSH threads. It will NOT thread into a NPT female.

NPT- National Pipe Thread or more commonly called Pipe Thread. Most commonly used in plumbing and some industrial uses.

BSP – British Standard Pipe Thread. Most commonly used in many countries outside of the United States and Canada.

NOTE: Compatibility of thread type does not ensure compatibility of the fittings, due to sealing design and thread lengths. Always use mating fittings of the same type.

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